About us

We are a company that specialises in producing, transforming, assembling and repairing metallic structures and other metal products.

Our activity

We started operating over a decade ago as a company founded by Daniel Santos Vicente, a professional locksmith and welder who, after several years in that field, decided to open his own business.

Since those early days, the company has grown and strengthened its position.  Today, it gathers a team that is dynamic and dedicated to its craft, has a strong sense of customer service and combines knowledge gained through experience with a sustained commitment to learning and innovation.

We operate in the national market, with a strong presence in the centre of Portugal, as well as in other European and African countries.

Our commitment

We work with metals, but we serve people.

Our priority is to establish lasting and trusting relationships with our clients.  Therefore, our activity is guided by clear values.

Swiftness with precision

We work efficiently, cutting costs for our clients without compromising the precision and quality of what we do.

Experience with innovation

We combine the craftsman’s expertise and the detail of manual labour with the ability to imagine and implement the best solutions for each new challenge.

Aesthetics with safety

In the work we do we select the options that combine the best design with maximum robustness.

Passion with creation of value

We work with dedication and enthusiasm because we love what we do, but also because we want to bring real added value to the project of each one of our clients.